About Us

About Us

Mission: To provide customers with one-stop hot melt adhesive solutions with high-quality services to create higher value.

To meet the diversified needs of customers for hot melt adhesive products and services, pay attention to market trends and technological development, continue to carry out technological innovation, product research and development, service improvement, and optimize supply chain and production efficiency. With a comprehensive product line and solutions, we provide customers with better products and services, and promote the development of the application industry and social progress.

Vision: To become the benchmark enterprise of hot melt adhesive subdivision industry.

With excellent quality, innovative products and solutions, we continue to meet customer needs and promote the sustainable development of subdivided industries. Continuously expand the market segment, improve product performance and cost performance, in order to achieve a wider customer base and higher market share.


1. Customer First:

We have always been to meet customer needs as our responsibility, to provide quality products and services, and customers to establish long-term, stable relations of cooperation. At the same time, we value customer feedback and continuously improve products and services to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Innovation:

Keeping the spirit of positive progress, continuous exploration and innovation, we are committed to developing new products, new technologies and new services to meet the changing market needs, provide customers with better products and solutions, and achieve sustainable development.

3. Growing Together:

Pay attention to the personal growth and development of employees, provide good training and development opportunities, encourage employees to continuously improve their own quality and ability, and realize the harmony and unity of personal value and enterprise value.

4. Create a win-win situation:

The enterprise pursues to maintain good communication and cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, partners inside and outside the industry and customers. Through the optimization and integration of resources to achieve co-creation to maximize the advantages of partners, and ultimately achieve mutual benefit and win-win.


By adhering to these vision, mission and values, Weiwang Hot Melt Adhesive will continue to pursue excellent quality, innovative thinking and sustainable development, and become a benchmark enterprise in the hot melt adhesive industry. We will work hand in hand with our customers, employees and partners to grow together and create a better future together.