What are the standard requirements and applications of medical hot melt adhesives?


First of all, we need to know that the standard requirements of medical hot melt adhesives are actually much higher than those of other industries,

With the development of national economy, the improvement of living demand and the health requirements of medical institutions for human contact materials, the demand for disposable sanitary products is increasing.

Because of direct contact with the human body, the adhesion failure occurs, and the risk of endangering human health will be much greater.

Therefore, the glue used in this regard is more stringent. Whether it is stability, or barrier requirements can withstand sterilization must be able to withstand sterilization,

As well as skin sensitization, it needs to go through layers of checks and various tests before it can be used.


So what products are involved in medical hot melt adhesive?

Such as diapers, medical mattresses, masks, sanitary pads, disposable shoe covers and surgical clothes.

These materials require machine equipment to apply the gel to the material and then bond it. The application is obvious, and these products must be used in many medical institutions in life.


In addition, there are also carriers such as new ointment patches, band-aids and foot patches that are necessary for each family medicine cabinet to deliver drugs to the skin.

All need to use glue for bonding.