Can hot melt glue stick plastic?


Hot melt adhesive is a kind of plastic environmental protection bonding products. In fact, the plastic can be bonded as firmly, but the use of hot melt adhesive to bond plastic still needs to evaluate some parameters.

Hot melt adhesive itself belongs to the heating type melting colloid, the heated colloid has a certain temperature, and the plastic is prone to deformation when it exceeds its own temperature tolerance.

It is easy to damage the surface of the plastic, so we need to evaluate the temperature when the plastic is glued with hot melt adhesive, as well as the temperature tolerance of the plastic itself. Then select the appropriate hot melt adhesive style.


First of all, when bonding, the surface of plastic products requires that there should be no water stains and dust must be clean and clean,

Then it is used in conjunction with a hot melt glue gun. After the glue gun is energized and heated for a certain period of time, the glue can be extruded and then coated on the plastic to be bonded and pressed for cooling and solidification.

Of course, it is also possible to directly heat either end of the glue stick with fire and then bond it, which has the same effect.


In fact, hot melt adhesive has been applied in many industries. It can not only bond leather, metal, furniture, luggage plastic, medical supplies, textiles, etc., but also can be applied to packaging (corrugated paper and thick cartons), wireless binding of books, and woodworking welt, etc.

Its types can be hot melt adhesive block, hot melt adhesive particles, hot melt adhesive strip, hot melt adhesive powder, hot melt adhesive film, hot melt film, etc.