Hot melt can do all this? What's the use?


With the application of hot melt adhesive more and more widely, can be bonded to the article is a lot of wonderful unexpected. So it is not surprising that many families have hot melt glue and glue guns.

Almost everyone who loves to make handmade flowers, handmade ornaments and other interests must have a hot melt glue gun, and the demand for hot melt glue sticks is indispensable.

Not only can be bonded items can also be done by hand, but also can have a lot of small magic, you know what? May one day will be useful, take a look at it!


For example, cutting boards, carpets and other items that are easy to move can be coated with some hot melt adhesive on the back or bottom,

After the four corners or edges are cooled and solidified, the resistance between the tabletop or the ground can be increased to increase friction, so as to achieve anti-skid effect.


Of course, you can also make some lovely refrigerator magnets. Not to say, use hot melt glue to squeeze out the desired shape and spread glitter powder,

Or stick some cute pattern stickers to increase the beauty, stick a small magnet on the back, and a simple refrigerator sticker will be ready.

It can also prevent the door handle from hitting the wall surface. Generally, it is difficult to control the strength when we open and close the door,

It is easy to cause the door handle to hit the wall with excessive force and cause damage for a long time.

Only in the door handle most convex position coating some hot melt adhesive solidification can achieve the buffer effect.


You can even apply hot melt glue on the soles or gloves, and change the shape, wave point or wave shape at will.

The soles that have been ground flat can achieve a non-slip effect, and the gloves can also act as a pet groomer. The role is simple and practical.


In addition to these, it can also do a lot of handmade products, such as earrings, hairpins, handmade flowers, decorative paintings, coasters can also do,

Lay on oil paper to prevent adhesion, then draw the desired shape, install some cute pattern stickers and other solidification to get a beautiful coaster,

Here everyone can use their imagination to make whatever style they want and heat insulation.


The above is just some of its wonderful uses, but it is actually more than that! Hot melt adhesive in addition to bonding items at home is really a good helper for preparedness! Learn more about a little bit of attention.