What is hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive? Where can it be used in addition to medical treatment?


Pressure sensitive adhesive is also a hot melt adhesive block, is a non-solvent environmental protection chemicals, its pressure sensitive, under normal circumstances the use of pressure sensitive adhesive is not solvent or other means,

The glue and the object can be bonded only by pressure. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is an important part of pressure-sensitive tape,

It is mainly coated on the tape to make it have the characteristics of pressure sensitive adhesion, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is the latest generation of pressure sensitive adhesive products,

Compared with the previous solvent type and emulsion type pressure sensitive adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive does not contain any solvent has more advantages,

In line with the current national requirements for environmental protection, people's awareness of environmental protection to enhance the hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive appears more green,

And the cost is not high production efficiency fast. This has led to its rapid development and increased market demand.


So what can hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive be used to do? What are the advantages? Let's get to know each other

In fact, it can be used in the production of electronic components to prevent damage to the machine and reduce the impact of errors caused by vibration;

It can also be used to fill or fix parts in industrial production, so the adhesive force of pressure sensitive adhesive in these aspects is very important, which can ensure that the phenomenon of loosening and displacement will not occur after fixing the parts.

And it is more widely used in the medical field. In the previous articles, we have sent articles about medical hot melt adhesives,

In fact, it is necessary to use hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. Whether it is a patch of the wound, bandage or ointment or medical equipment, etc. are involved.

Of course, it can also be used for packaging labels, such as cosmetics and food packaging in daily life.

It is not affected by transportation and so on and is easy to tear off.


The above can be understood that hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive has good adhesion and is widely used in life,

In a variety of extreme environments such as: low temperature, high temperature and humidity can be bonded to different substrates, greatly improving the efficiency of life and production efficiency in many industries.