Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive what attractive? High demand!


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive does not contain any solvent as the current life is very environmentally friendly green products. Market demand is extremely high.

In the previous articles, we have understood what it is and what fields it can be used in. Today, let's take a look at its specific advantages?


1, the use of coating is relatively convenient, higher efficiency and faster speed;

Daily storage and transportation are more convenient and safe.

3. The production cost is not high, and it is a better choice for consumers with high cost performance;

4, environmental protection green, more appropriate for environmental protection requirements, no harm to the human body.

5, the wide application of medical institutions products, for the indispensable medical industry plays a great role, such as band-aid, bandage, medical tape, ointment and other medical supplies.

6, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive in the packaging label category also has a large market demand. Such as cosmetics, food packaging on the label paper.


At present, all kinds of tapes and plasters we use in our life are useful to it, so the adhesive in the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is referred to as hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The materials that can be used are mainly paper, plastic film, fabric and so on. The main features and advantages are that the bonding can be convenient, quick and practical by pressing lightly. Tear off will only leave some gel to clean up.