What do you do with artificial flowers? Need hot melt glue?


Handmade DIY has become more and more popular in modern life, especially for the younger generation. These handmade products include the production of artificial flowers and silk flowers,

Usually this kind of artificial flower material is made of stretch silk, polyester, plastic, yarn, silk, cloth, etc., and some flowers are dried.

Therefore, the production of artificial flowers is getting better and better. It is almost possible to make real flowers. With flowers, branches and leaves, weeds and other artificial plants are indispensable.

These simulated plants are preserved longer and more malleable, with more room for imagination and a wide variety.

Today we will understand how to make artificial flowers? It can also use hot melt glue?


1. Prepare materials: hot melt glue gun, hot melt glue stick (the two are used together after power on) and simulated flower materials;

2, set flower type! This operation is plastic flower type, can choose a lot of materials, flower type is also more. So it can look different.

A simple example: for a piece of cloth, we can first outline the desired petal shape and then cut it off, and then use a hot melt glue gun to apply hot melt glue to bond it to the branches for shaping;

3, after the pattern can be colored! The color can be determined by what you like.

Coloring can immerse flowers in vulcanized rubber solution. Of course, the color bottom needs to be dyed by itself or sprayed directly with a spray gun,


The above is a simple way to make artificial flowers and now hand-made industry essential hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue stick,

With these two small helpers, our handmade DIY is more convenient and quick, and it can be described as a good helper for the family.


hot melt glue stickNot only long storage time, easy to store. And is environmentally friendly chemical products, no harm to the human body, the use of rest assured and safe.

Of course, hot melt glue stick need to pay attention to the choice of regular manufacturers to sell to guarantee yo!