Taking makeup brushes to the next level with hot glue


In recent years, the application of hot melt rubber granules in makeup brushes has gradually attracted attention.

Traditional makeup brushes use glue to hold the bristles in place, but with the advent of hot melt pellets, the way makeup brushes are made and used has been revolutionized.


Hot melt pellets are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

It can be quickly melted and fixed by heating. It has good bonding properties.


In the manufacturing process, the hot melt glue particles are heated and melted by the hot melt glue machine, and are coated on the brush handle.

When the bristles are inserted into the handle, the hot melt particles cool and solidify rapidly, binding the bristles and the handle tightly together.


This bonding method is strong and long-lasting, ensuring that the makeup brush is not easy to fall off or deform during use, maintaining the shape and quality of the brush.

Compared with traditional glue, hot melt pellets do not produce odors and toxic substances, and are safer and more environmentally friendly.


Moreover, the curing time of hot melt pellets is short, and the production of makeup brushes can be completed in a short time, improving work efficiency and reducing production costs.

More in line with modern people's requirements for efficiency and convenience.


The application of hot melt adhesive can also improve the appearance of makeup brushes.

The traditional glue fixing method is prone to overflow or uneven glue, while the hot melt adhesive can achieve uniform application.

There will be no excess glue left after fixing, making the makeup brush more neat and beautiful.

Hot melt pellets can also be used to make special shaped brush heads to meet different makeup needs.


In addition, the hot melt pellets also have certain elasticity and toughness.

This allows the makeup brush to maintain a certain softness and flexibility during use, and to better fit the skin and makeup.

At the same time, the hot melt rubber particles can also prevent the corrosion and pollution of cosmetics on the brush handle, and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the makeup brush.


In general, the innovative application of hot melt pellets in makeup brushes has brought a lot of convenience and advantages to the production and use of makeup brushes.

It is believed that with the continuous development of technology, hot melt pellets will play a greater role in the makeup brush industry.