Where can hot melt adhesive be used in cars?


Hot melt adhesive is a type of adhesive currently used in daily life with a solid content of 100%, long storage time, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, stable performance, and suitable for high-speed and automatic assembly line operations. The characteristic of materials meeting industry standards, with the high demand for rapid bonding in the automotive industry, hot melt adhesive has been widely used in automobiles. Weiwang hot melt adhesive is applied in many categories in automobiles, such as roofs, carpets, foot mats, trunk, door panels, sound insulation cotton, engine insulation panels, etc. So what are the characteristics of these hot melt adhesives used in cars? Firstly, the requirement for fast colloidal solidification speed saves a lot of time and is more suitable for high-speed assembly line operations! Secondly, hot melt adhesive has the advantages of scraping, roller coating, spraying, etc., which are very fast and convenient ways to apply colloids during operation. The automotive parts contain a large amount of materials such as felt, ABS, PP, etc., which have multiple styles and are suitable for bonding these parts with a wide range of hot melt adhesives.
Let's have a brief understanding of the main characteristics and specific applications of hot melt adhesive for certain automotive parts. 1. In the car roof, it mainly plays a role in the roof, roof speed limit, and roof attachment bonding; Has excellent heat resistance and adhesion; 2. For car carpets, the heat resistance reaches 100 degrees, and they can be operated for a long time. They are used in both car carpets and trunk linings; 3. The presence of automotive filters is also indispensable, specifically for the shaping, edge sealing, line adhesive, and edge adhesive of filters used in automotive filters. Require characteristics such as low odor and good temperature resistance. The above is only for the requirements and application points of hot melt adhesive for some parts of automobiles. It can be seen that our hot melt adhesive can be seen in both the steering wheel and the interior of the roof, and has certain strict requirements!