Do you know how to remove hot melt adhesive?


Hot melt adhesive is a common adhesive product in today's daily life, with a wide range of applications. In the packaging industry, hot melt adhesive accounts for more than 50% of the market, such as folded cardboard boxes, corrugated paper boxes, tape, and other laminated coating materials. Office materials include tape, official documents, self-adhesive labels, envelopes, and file folders. The parts category includes electronics, book packaging, furniture, footwear, DIY handicrafts, etc.
We know what hot melt adhesive is and in which fields it can be used. Do you know what can be used to remove overheated glue? Here are a few simple methods to learn about.
1. We can use anhydrous medical alcohol and apply some alcohol on the colloid until it hardens before tearing it off;
2. Fengyoujing, a universal substance, can also be used to remove hot melt glue. Due to its oily nature, the solvent is very effective. Apply wind oil essence to the surface of the adhesive, and after dissolution, it will be removed;
3. Hot water, like an iron, can remove hot melt glue. After heating and softening the glue, it can be easily removed;
4. Place an ice bag on top of the hot melt adhesive, as the low temperature of the ice can make the hot melt adhesive harder. After it hardens, it can be torn off. Be careful not to use sharp tools to remove the hot melt adhesive, which may scratch the surface of the object.
Similarly, if it is a small object that needs to be removed from the colloid, it can also be directly placed in the refrigerator for freezing, and it can also be removed when the colloid hardens!
There are many ways to remove hot melt adhesive, and we need to choose the appropriate method based on the actual situation. Learn more about hot melt adhesive tips, welcome to follow!