What is the role of hot melt adhesive in the packaging industry?


Hot melt adhesive sealing, as a new type of sealing method for cardboard box packaging, has partially replaced traditional bundling and tape packaging due to its advantages of good adhesive strength, high tensile strength, low temperature resistance, beautiful packaging, automated and fast sealing, and low cost. Hot melt adhesive bonding is a key link in the processing of paper products, and bonding technology is also one of the key technologies in the industry; It has been widely used in the external packaging bonding of paper products in daily life; Such as beer cardboard boxes, gift boxes, handbags, straw fixing glue, pearl cotton bonding, and so on. Let's have a brief understanding of its role in the packaging industry?
Hot melt adhesive sealing is the process of using a hot melt machine to melt the hot melt adhesive into a liquid state, and then passing through the machine throat and spray gun to the surface of the cardboard box. After cooling, it can be bonded. Meeting the requirements for cardboard box sealing also overcomes the shortcomings of traditional cardboard box sealing.
The requirement for transporting cardboard boxes is to be able to withstand changes in environmental temperature and air humidity, as well as inevitable roughness during transportation. However, the adhesive strength of the tape is poor and the tensile strength is low, making it difficult to achieve the ideal transportation requirements for oily cardboard or coated cardboard. So compared to the adhesion of tape, our hot melt adhesive highlights its advantages. Hot melt adhesive has strong penetration and good adhesion to wet materials, and can play a physical and chemical bonding role between corrugated paper and lined cardboard. After bonding, the overall strength of the cardboard box is enhanced, making it less prone to deformation and cracking. The hot melt adhesive coating system can be applied to key parts of different shapes. For example, the folding lid inside the cardboard box can be coated with glue. In addition, due to the poor low-temperature resistance of self-adhesive tapes, it is easy to cause delamination when used in cold climates in the north; So there is a great demand for hot melt adhesive in this regard because it has good low-temperature resistance and can withstand low temperatures.
Secondly, it has another advantage: long storage period, small footprint, and no special storage requirements; The storage period of adhesive tape is usually only about six months and requires certain storage conditions, so it is prone to spoilage. The above is about the demand and role of hot melt adhesive in the packaging industry.