What is EVA hot melt adhesive and what are its characteristics?


EVA hot melt adhesive is a polymer that does not require solvents, does not contain water, and has 100% solid solubility
A liquid adhesive that is solid at room temperature, heated and melted to a certain degree to become flowing and has a certain viscosity. After melting, it becomes a light brown semi transparent body or white.
It has many advantages, such as strong adhesion, affordable price, low pollution, green environmental protection, and fast curing. When in use, it only needs to be heated and melted, and then dropped onto the surface of the object to be bonded and pressed for cooling and solidification. It is a fast and convenient adhesive widely used in various industries and products.
EVA hot melt adhesive characteristics:
At room temperature, it is usually in a solid form. When heated to a certain degree, it melts into a liquid, producing viscosity. After waiting for a few minutes, once it cools below the melting point, it becomes a solid. The adhesive layer has both hardness, flexibility, and a certain degree of toughness. After pressing, the object can be easily bonded, which is convenient and fast;
The adhesive layer that has been cooled and solidified by applying the adhesive solution to the object being glued can continue to be heated and melted to soften it again, resulting in a certain degree of re adhesion to the object being glued;
Its viscosity will be affected by temperature, and if it does not exceed the appropriate temperature range, there will be no chemical changes that will affect the bonding performance. So it is recommended to use at a temperature not exceeding 200 degrees Celsius, not lower than the usage temperature, to avoid viscosity reduction and other situations. When receiving hot melt adhesive related products, they should be stored in a cool and ventilated place to avoid moisture, exposure to sunlight, and high temperatures that may affect the subsequent use of hot melt adhesive.