How to enhance hot melt adhesive viscosity?


As a new type of environmentally friendly chemical product that can change its shape with temperature changes, colorless and tasteless, it has been widely used in product bonding in various industries.

There are many kinds of hot melt adhesives, such as massive, rod-shaped and granular. Therefore, the production formula and material ratio are different, especially in summer and winter under the influence of climate and environment, the viscosity difference is obvious.

Of course, in addition to these climatic factors and formula differences, the scene and items used in hot melt adhesive will also be a certain factor affecting the viscosity strength. If the desired viscosity is not reached during use, how can it be best?

1. Apply pressure, hot melt adhesive gives a certain external pressure when bonding with the items to be bonded,

Compression can make the glue fully fit with the article before solidification, and the air in the extrusion bonding area can better penetrate into the pothole gap of the material, so as to enhance the bonding force.


2, improve the surface roughness of the object, the roughening of the surface of the object can actually improve the penetration strength of the glue,

Can be very good to increase the colloid and the sticky object contact density point, enhance the viscosity.


3. Increase the tackifier. The main function of the tackifier is to enhance the viscosity,

The fluidity of the colloid and the wettability of the adhered article can be improved, thereby improving the adhesion performance.


Of course, different styles of hot melt adhesives have their different functional properties, such as some higher melting point.

However, some have short cooling time and want good viscosity. When purchasing, you need to choose the right one according to the usage scene and items and adopt the correct bonding steps to give full play to the best viscosity of the hot melt adhesive.