Hot melt glue stick how to make? how to use?


Hot melt adhesive stick is already a household name of a universal environmental protection adhesive, widely used. Life such as electrical components positioning, packaging cartons, crafts have applications.

It is commonly used with a glue gun or hot melt glue machine. Do you know it-how to produce it? How to use it? Let's get to know it together.


In fact, the process flow of hot melt glue stick is basically material preparation-stirring-extrusion-inspection-packaging-warehousing.

First of all, we need to make the glue stick formula according to the proportion of materials. Then it is fed into the machine reactor.

What is the reaction kettle? Its main function is to melt and mix various raw materials.

The uniformly mixed compound will be cooled to a suitable temperature and then transported to the extruder. The extruder has a round hole to directly extrude the colloid into the water tank at a uniform speed, and the colloid will solidify and set when cold.

Through the shaping of the first water tank and then traction to the second water tank to fully consolidate the shaping, and then to the last step of production, slowly traction and segmentation into strips of appropriate specifications of the glue stick.

You can check the packing. Of course, we just describe the simple. Actual to the production of its process deployment. Then to the equipment adjustment is a lot of complex.

All kinds of glue are different, it is necessary to adjust the ratio of raw materials and machine production speed.


After understanding the production, let's see how to use the glue stick?

Under normal circumstances, most of them will be used with hot melt glue guns, and most of them will be used manually. Put the glue stick into the hot melt gun and plug in the electric heating for a while.

Pull the trigger and there will be glue flowing out. You can also use a lighter to melt either end of the glue stick, and then apply it to the position where the item needs to be bonded, and wait for it to cool and solidify.

In fact, the glue stick is easy to distinguish between good and bad quality. Generally poor glue stick appearance color is not uniform easy to have impurities. A good glue stick is uniform and smooth in color without impurities.

The above is a brief introduction on how to make and how to use hot melt glue stick. Learn more can be concerned about oh.