Why is hot melt adhesive used in food packaging?


Nowadays, the concept of environmental protection and health is more and more widely respected in the world, because the emphasis on this aspect quickly makes the materials of various industries more and more demanding for environmental protection, among which food packaging is indispensable.

At present, many factories are the pursuit of high efficiency, high-speed precision and fully automated production.

Therefore, the most important sealing step in the packaging industry is not only convenient and quick to use to meet the requirements of high efficiency, but also this glue is an environmentally friendly product.

The sealing box only needs to melt the hot melt adhesive into liquid with a hot melt machine and then transport it to the surface of the carton for cooling and solidification through a spray gun or throat.

Therefore, hot melt adhesive sealing has largely replaced traditional tape and bundled packaging. The cost is not only lower but also more beautiful and better quality.

Can be used for food inner packaging or outer packaging, carton box sealing and beverage straw, so what is its advantage?


1. Good performance and many advantages

Carton carton this kind of product itself is used for packaging purposes, so less transport.

And the transport process needs to test the carton upgrade. Not only to be able to resist the environmental climate, temperature and humidity changes and loading and unloading process will bring the impact.

In the past, bundled and tape packaging is far less than the current hot melt adhesive packaging.

First of all, the viscosity of the tape is poor and the tensile strength is small. With oily or coated cardboard adhesion is not stable and easy to open; and binding packaging is easy to shift, binding is not firm.

On the other hand, the hot melt adhesive is fast and dry, has good penetration force and is not only strengthened but also not easy to deform and crack after bonding with cardboard. It can also be applied to any part of the carton.


2. Cost

The whole sealing and bonding process of hot melt adhesive takes only a few seconds, which is very suitable for mass production.

Greatly improve the efficiency to save time, less energy consumption and low cost. And when processing glue will not lead to downtime;

And the tape replacement needs to stop a lot of trouble. And there is no need for partitions in the hot melt adhesive box,

The sealing of the box is stronger than the internal partition when the tape is used to seal the box, which reduces the cost of the partition in this regard.


3. Appearance aesthetics

At present, the market competitiveness of many businesses require the appearance of carton boxes need to design patterns,

With the appearance of the design to convey the product and the company's image in order to improve the aesthetic,

Therefore, it is necessary to cause obstacles to the appearance of the carton as low as possible.

The use of tape contrast hot melt adhesive is not so beautiful. Not only the blocking pattern will also affect the information transmission outside the package.

So the use of hot melt adhesive adhesive display space is larger.